Custom-made Proximity Beacon Supplier Situated in Asia

Jiangmen Todaair Electronics Co., Ltd.

Todaair Electronics Co., Ltd. is a groundbreaking technology company which is specialized in research and development, production, sales of wireless telecom microwave devices. We firstly consentrate on improving the wireless core technology, and we have our very own cloud platform that may create the smart home.

We partner with great country’s IT companies like ZTE, Wechat firm, GizWits. Over the years, we focus on the smart cloud solution.

We singularly develop and make “Todaair” brand items which encompass the DIP outdoor wireless AP, interior ceiling AP, household inwall AP, intelligent gateway, advertisements routers, intelligent control switch, open-air high-gain antenna, wholesale Marketing Beacon, and the like. Our commercial capacity mainly involves wireless video surveillance, inside and outside transmission coverage. So far, Todaair software system is very popular in security wireless overseeing, industrial transmission, WiFi coverage as well as other industries. Brand franchisees can be found in a lot more than 50 top metropolitan areas in China. And our products are typically purchased to the European Union, Canada And America, South Aisa, South America, Africa.

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TEL: +86-750-3135725
Email Address: todaair[at]
Addr.: F.6 Electronic Building No.1 Guangdeli Street, Pengjiang District, Jiangmen, Guangdong, China



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