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Southern Technology is a high technology business venture including development and research, produce, sales and services for electronic products. From 2004, Southern Tech started making tablet, and intelligent wearable products such as Virtual Reality Headset, private-brand fitness trackers, Wireless Bluetooth Headsets, Power Bank, USB Disk plus lots of other innovative solutions.

At the moment, our happy users are positioned in at least 100 countries and areas. We have well-equipped testing area and sturdy technical crews in order to meet the growing consumer need for compact electronic products market and the increasing development of new products on the markets.

Shenzhen Southern Technology makes people’s lives simpler via economical and pretty good gadgets.

  1. Activity Trackers and Smartwatches
  2. Three-dimensional VR Headset
  3. Power Bank And USB Flash Drive

Tracker Wristbands and Smartwatches
Southern tech presents lots of different money-saving solutions for yielding Activity Bracelets as well as Smart Watches, smart watches with WIFI, Bluetooth, waterproof and android elements for health and wellbeing, grownups and kids.


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Southern Technology Holding LTD
Addr.: Building B, Shizhiding Industrial Park, Pinghu, Longgong, Shenzhen, China
Telephone Number: +86-769-85306902 Flamingo
Fax: +86-769-85306902
Phone: +86-18589032477
Mailbox: southerntech@aliyun.com



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